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Frequently asked questions

I have never drawn a floor plan. How do I do it?

Drawing floor plans can seem daunting at first. That’s why FP4RE has created easy to follow, step by step instructions in our User Manual (available free for members). Follow our guidelines and you’ll be drawing floor plans like a pro in no time!

After scanning and uploading when will I get my floor plan?

At FP4RE we try to get plans back to you within 12 hours but we guarantee all plans to be delivered within 24hrs.

Will I receive an order confirmation email from you?

No, but you will receive an immediate pop-up order confirmation message upon successful completion of your order.

Your order details will then be able to be viewed in the summary page of the Member's Area.

What size should the jpeg file be that I upload to you?

Please ensure that each sketch is no larger than 2MB and that the file format is a JPG. We do not require high resolution sketches. Files larger than 2MB may not be successfully uploaded.

Once your sketch has been uploaded and the order process completed you will receive an immediate pop-up order confirmation message from us.

What if I need to make amendments to my completed plan?

If, after receiving your plan back from us, you decide you would like to have changes or amendments made, simply click on the amendment icon in "My floorplans" and write the necessary changes in the comment field provided, and/or upload existing floor plan with the amendments clearly written on it.

FP4RE allows 1 set of amendments per plan free of charge. Any amendments there after will be 5 credits each set.

If I don't know the area of the property which price category should I put it under?

That's OK, just select the price category that you think it most likely is. This will give you an estimate on how much your floor plan will cost. If the area is larger or smaller than the range specified by you, then the price will be adjusted accordingly by us. Your don't have to pay until the floor plan is ready to download and you have confirmed the price.

We will also send you an email if the price differs from the original estimate.

How are the internal and external measurements calculated?

The internal measurement will include all the internal areas including garage if applicable. The external measurement will include all decks and covered patios, but not carports (unless specified by you).

Does the pricing include external areas?

Yes, the price is determined by the total area of the property, which includes internal and external areas (patios, balconies etc).

How do I pay for my floor plan?

Floor plans are purchased in advance using the credit system in our Members Area. Becoming a member is free and credit is purchased using a secure payment system. After your plan is completed, the amount for the plan will automatically be deducted from the existing credit in your account.

What type of format and file will my floor plan be?

By default, floor plans will be provided in PDF format.

What if I already have a blueprint or existing builder plan? Can I upload that?

Yes, we accept existing plans providing they are clear and legible.

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